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#5 – Outage

#5 is down at the moment, because the server is unable to start as "Ranked". The server is unusable in this state. VIPs will receive a compensation (extension of runtime by 2 weeks).

by Hedius

Rule Change – #3 Rush – Camping on restricted roofs

Staying on roofs accessible only through bugs is now prohibited on #3 Rush. (e.g.: through vehicle launching with explosives)

by Hedius

How to check the server performance

Enable/Disable the network performance graph Join the server as spectator or as a player. Open the console of BF4 Key: ^ Enabling the graph: NetworkPerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1 Disabling the graph: NetworkPerfOverlay.DrawGraph 0 How to check the performance The serverTick defines how long it takes for the server to calculate a tick. The maximum time for a tick is defined by the formula: maxTickTime = 1000ms / tickRate Therefore, the maximum tick times for BF4 servers are: 30Hz: 33.33ms 45Hz: 22.22ms 60Hz: 16.67ms Please record lags Please record lags with the graph. We need proof for lags and the exact time. Otherwise,…

by Hedius

Definition of Red Zones

Our admins often punish players for camping in their team's base. Vehicle, UCAV and mortar basecamping is forbidden on our servers.Transparent rules are important for us.Therefore, we are happy to publish our definition of red zones for all BF4 conquest large maps: Red Zones

by Hedius

Rule Change – #3 Rush – Dawnbreaker

We have decided to forbid camping on this bugged roof on Dawnbreaker. This roof is only accessible by using spawn beacons.  Furthermore, many players use this roof for baseraping and it is not possible(bugged) to kill people on the roof.

by Hedius

Survey for the 2nd quarter

Dear community,we need your help!Please fill out our server survey for the 2nd quarter of 2020 to make our servers better! The survey covers map rotations, server rules/config , balance and the

by Hedius

Stream Sniping

Stream sniping/stream cheating/ghosting is now banned on our servers. Violations will cause a permanent ban.All rules are listed here.

by Hedius

Closing the Forums

I think that it would be better to close the forums, because we already have Battlelog, TS3 and our Discord. Therefore, the Discord channels will replace the forums.The forums will be closed at 17:00.

by Hedius

Update September 2017

Admin Upgrades Second to First Admin:Notorious_PrinceNianForReasonsSchatten299Vengance_GERThird to Second Admin:AlfrionEradan_O_ArdaschnizelIIArmataIINew Third Admins:MawticMolonLabe-ReeChanging the ban policy for cheating We changed the ban policy... It is now relaxed again. So, if you think that somebody cheats you can ban them.... You should have proof, but no longer "must" have proof....Balance We will try to reactivate autonuke on Hainan.There will never be a K/D limit.

by Hedius

Hainan 64 slots

Our survey about the slot number of our Hainan server ended. 80% voted for 64 slots.Therefore, we will switch our Hainan server to 64 slots soon!

by Hedius

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