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Why we need donations:

We have been offering BF4 servers for the community since October 2014. However, we need your help to keep the project alive!

Donation Goal 2020:


What will I get back? (VIP role)

You will get the following VIP permissions on all servers:


  • Extended commands
  • Ability to kill yourself with /killme
  • Join a player’s squad with /join player_name
  • Take squad leader !lead
  • Reserved slot
    • Aggressive joining is not enabled on our servers.
    • You will not be able to instantly join our servers, but you will be inserted at the front of the queue.
      • Priority order:
        1. VIP players
        2. Premium players
        3. Normal players
  • Votemap: Ability to vote twice
  • Autobalance whitelist
    • Always allowed to switch the team with: !moveme and !switchme
    • An autobalance whitelist + access to the commands is only granted if it does not disturb server balance.
      • Make sure to ask us before donating. Members of farming clans are not able to acquire these perks.
  • Raised ping limit
  • Voteban protection (Voteban is not active at the moment)
  • Sniper limit whitelist
  • Set a custom join message with /battlecry msg
    • This message is shown to all players!


  • VIP role

Remember: This is not a purchase. It is a gift from the clan administration to thank you for your donation. VIP does not protect your from getting banned.

The runtime of your perks is limited based on your donation.

PayPal and G-Portal

Breakdown of our server costs

  • 2 x 68 slots EPS servers
    • 110,16€ per month
  • 1 x 50 slots server
    • 25,70€ per month

Total project costs per month: 135,86€

How will my donation be used?

We use donations only for the funding of our BF4 servers.

We will not use your donation for our:

  • commercial TeamSpeak 3 license
  • domain (
  • backend infrastructure

More E4GL servers?

Maybe, but probably not. We think that 2-3 64 slots servers are ideal us. However, we might change the map rotation of server #2 or #3. Feel free to post any ideas or wishes on our forums.

Not reaching the goal:

Would force us to take server #2 or #3 down.

Important: Please include your BF4 name in the donation message or contact us over discord.

How to Donate:

2. G-Portal

Donate to our BF4 hoster

  1. Log in or create an account at
  2. Charge you account with the amount you want to donate
  3. Donate by using our donation URL

3. Bitcoin/Ethereum

Please contact us after your donation! ( or e-mail to admin [at]

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
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