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Basecamping with vehicles is forbidden! Definition of Red Zones offers more information on this topic.

Mountain region used by Scout Heli pilots on Hainan Resort

Table Top View of the mountain region

Table Top View of the mountain region
The mountain region is for scout heli pilots to take cover from Lock Ons, the AA and to repair themself.

Free Cam View of the mountain region

However, you will find yourself punished for redzone camping if you choose to stick to the mountain region all game long.

Invisibility bug on top of the boat at D Flag of Hainan Resort

We decided to make the bugged area taboo because of its potential to be abused and people complaining about being killed by invisible players from on top of the boat.

#2 All Maps


banned area on lancang

#3 Rush

Normally inaccessible roof on Dawnbreaker

We decided to forbid people from glitching onto this roof using spawn beacons because of several complains about people shooting into the enemy base and them being unkillable.

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