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The Eagle Elite is a multinational Battlefield clan which always recruits new members for playing together and having fun.

We currently own 3 Battlefield 4 servers and a TeamSpeak 3 server for squad communication.

You would like to become a member of our community? Then join us now by applying directly on our platoon’s page!

E4GL Battlefield Servers

3 Battlefield 4 servers which offer you an epic game experience!


  • Battlefield 4

    Closing the Forums

    I think that it would be better to close the forums, because we already have Battlelog, TS3 and our Discord. Therefore, the Discord channels will replace the forums. The forums will be closed at 17:00.
  • Clan

    Update September 2017

    Admin Upgrades Second to First Admin: Notorious_Prince NianForReasons Schatten299 Vengance_GER Third to Second Admin: Alfrion Eradan_O_Arda schnizel IIArmataII New Third Admins: Mawtic MolonLabe-Ree Changing the ban policy for cheating We changed the ban policy... It is now relaxed again. So,...
  • Battlefield 4 Hainan Server

    Hainan 64 slots

    Our survey about the slot number of our Hainan server ended. 80% voted for 64 slots. Therefore, we will switch our Hainan server to 64 slots soon!

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