Admin Recruitment

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Who we are looking for

We are looking for mature players who take their responsibility serious and are active players on our servers.
Furthermore, applicants should not be flamers/spammers.

Admin abuse

All actions are logged and the clan administration checks the logs for abnormalities.
Furthermore, players are able to report admin abuse on our Discord server.

Activity on Discord

Admins have to be members of our Discord. Furthermore, they must be reachable over Discord.

How to apply

  1. Create a post in the channel admin-applications on our discord server.
  2. The post should answer the following questions:
    1. Your Battlelog username
    2. For how long have you been playing Battlefield games?
    3. Have you ever been an admin on any other BF3/4 servers?
    4. How often do you play on E4GL servers?
    5. On which E4GL servers do you play?
    6. Why are you applying for an admin rank?