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Who we are looking for

We are not recruiting for our #1 [E4GL] EU Hainan only 24/7 server at this time.

We are looking for mature players who take their responsibility seriously, are active players on our servers and know how the game works.
Furthermore, applicants should not be flamers/spammers.


To be considered for admin we check applicant playtime on our servers.  Generally we are looking for players who have been on our servers regularly for at least a month before applying.

Activity on Discord

Admins have to be members of our Discord. Furthermore, they must be reachable over Discord.

Admin abuse

All actions are logged and the clan administration checks the logs for abnormalities.
Furthermore, players are able to report admin abuse on our Discord server.

Report history

Its important that you, the player, report the people who break our rules. May it be ingame or via with discords ticket system. Note; When reporting people for cheating, make sure you know what you are talking first. More than enough times do people end up reporting clean players for cheating.

Not always is it easy for us to tell if a player understands our rules when applying, so the report history is an important tool of measurement. Having zero reports is therefore a big no-go.


We demand players to be loyal to our community and servers, meaning to not server hop all the time. You will be expected to play our servers for the most part. Though its fine not playing on our servers 24/7.

How to apply

  1. Create an application with our Discord Ticket System.
  2. The post should answer the following questions:
    1. Your Battlelog username and/or Steam Username/SteamID64
    2. For how long have you been playing Battlefield games or BattleBit?
    3. Have you ever been an admin on any other BF3/4/BBR servers?
    4. How often do you play on E4GL servers?
    5. On which E4GL servers do you play?
    6. Why are you applying for an admin rank?
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