TeamSpeak/Discord Server

E4GL Teamspeak 3 Server

Our 128 slot TS3 server is public.



Level System

Users are able to reach a higher level by being online on our server. (Only active talking counts). The maximum level is 100.
The level system’s webinterface includes a leaderbord, achievements and stats.





We have 5  SinusBots.
Only members of the server group “DJ” are able to control the bots. Furthermore, all 5 bots have a webinterface.
Please ask Hedius for permissions if you would like to use our bots.



Everyone has the permissions to create temp- and semi-perm-channels at the end of the channel tree.


Perm User Channels/ Perm Group Channels

Users can request permanent channels. Those channels may be protected by a password or by a special channel group, which restricts access to group members.

E4GL Discord

Discord join link: