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  • Be fair
  • Enforce server rules
  • Kick/Ban/Punish for racism, hacking, breaking rules etc.
  • Spectate and ban cheaters according to our policy.
  • Other offenses and how to act upon them.
  • Handling reports on our discord


Admins shouldn’t use the move/fmove commands for moving players.

Server Rules

Our server rules are listed at


New admins are “third admins”. Upgrades will be given after a certain time and if there are no complaints.

Admin Control Panel

The admin control panel allows admins to read the chatlog, check players and to administrate our BF servers over the web.

Premade messages

Anywhere a reason or message is needed, a preMessage ID can be used instead.

Example: /warn player_name 3

/whatis number     (returns the msg)

4 = M142 OUT OF BASE! NOW!

Confirm/Cancel Commands

  • /yes
  • /no
  • Always read the server’s answer on your commands. It might happen that you have to confirm a command.

Report system

If a player creates a report with !report or !admin, all in-game admins are notified. Reports are logged in the database with full player names for reporter/target and the full reason for reporting.

How to view reports

  • in-game
    • /reportlist
      • shows the latest 6 unanswered reports

How to act on reports

Accept and deny are used for confirming or denying reports.

  • Accept
    • /accept report_id
    • The in-game command used for accepting reports as confirmed.
  •  Deny
      • /deny report_id
      • The in-game command used for denying reports.
  •  Punishing
        • It is also possible to use commands like punish, ban, e.t.c. with report-IDs. Doing so will automatically mark a report as accepted.
        • /punish report_id reason
        • /ban report_id reason
        • /kill report_id reason

Player Reputation System

Reputation is a numeric for how helpful a player is to the server. The more they help admins by reporting rule breakers, moreso from spectator, assisting the weak team, or populating the server, the more their reputation increases. Committing infractions, breaking server rules, getting banned, etc, reduces their server reputation.

Reputation starts at zero and moves toward -1000 or 1000 so it’s easy to get/lose rep early on but harder near the top/bottom. Players will never reach -1000 or 1000 reputation, but can get close with a lot of effort. Each command a player issues and every command issued against them has a reputation amount; Some good, some bad. Every time a player’s reputation changes you are notified of the change in chat.

The following are ways reputation can be gained:

  • Issuing good reports on players. Just reporting someone gives rep but when an admin accepts the report or acts on it it’s triple the rep bonus.
  • Reporting from spectator. Reporting from spectator is worth much more than reporting in-game. Players are sacrificing their game time to help a server and should be rewarded.
  • Using !assist. Sometimes teams really need help, and sometimes a player’s friends are stuck on the weak team. Helping them and the server out by using this command to switch increases rep greatly.
  • Populating servers. Worth twice that of an assist, populating a server helps more than almost anything else. Players are notified and thanked for populating servers along with the rep bonus.

If a player has infractions on their record that causes a reputation reduction, but the reduction infraction points cause reduces over time. So if they have infractions on their record, simply not committing them for a while reduces the rep loss caused. It does not reduce completely however, they will need to report some rule breakers to get it positive again.

Punishing Rule Breaking

We have an automated punishing system which acts based on our punishment hierarchy for rule breaking.

How it works

After a player is punished, their total infraction points are calculated using this very basic formula: (Punishment Points – Forgiveness Points) = Total Points
Then an action is decided using Total Points from the punishment hierarchy. Punishments should get harsher as the player gets more points. A player cannot be punished more than once every 20 seconds; this prevents multiple admins from accidentally punishing a player multiple times for the same infraction.


  • Punish
    • /punish player_name reason
  • Forgive
      • Admins should forgive players if they apologize for their violation.
      • This will reduce their infraction points by 1 each time.
      • /forgive player_name reason

Punishment Hierarchy

Total PointsPunishment OutcomeHierarchy String
4Temp-Ban 1 hourtban60
5Temp-Ban 2 hourstban120
6Temp-Ban 1 Daytbanday
7Temp-Ban 2 Daystbanday
8Temp-Ban 3 Daystbanday
9Temp-Ban 1 Weektbanweek
10Temp-Ban 2 Weekstban2weeks
11Temp-Ban 1 Monthtbanmonth
Greater Than 12Perma-Banban

Command Order

Rule breaking

Do not use punish several times for one rule violation. One punish per violation. Always warn before a punish.

Manually issue a kill if a player does not react to the warning.

Please use /punish or the command order for punishing rule breaking.

  1. Warn
  2. Punish (Tier-2 admin and higher)
  3. Kill
  4. Kill
  5. Kick
  6. Temp-Ban 1h
  7. Temp-Ban 1d
  8. Temp-Ban 3d
  9. Perma-Ban

Language Violations

Our servers run an automatic watchdog for abusive language.

We recommend using /mute for language violations.


  1. Perma-Ban


Muting Players

Players can be muted using the mute command. Muting lasts until the end of the round. Players who talk in chat after being muted will be killed each time they talk (up through 5 chat messages). On the 6th chat message they are kicked from the server. A player coming back during the same round is kicked again on their first chat message.

  • /mute player_name reason

Request/Telling Rules

  • /rules
  • /rules player_name
    • The in-game command used to request the server rules. When targeted at a player, that player will be told the server rules.

Warning players

Warning a target:

  • /warn player_name reason
    • Recommended for warning players (sends a global message and a yell to the player)
    • Clearly warns the player and mentions their nickname in the message
  • /ptell player_name message
    • Sends a message (say + yell) to a player
  • /psay player_name message
    • Sends a message (say) to a player
  • /pyell player_name message
    • Sends a message (yell) to a player

Global messages:

  • /tell message
    • Sends a message (say + yell) to all players
  • /say message
    • Sends a message (say) to all players
  • /yell message
    • Sends a message (yell) to all players

Killing players

  • /kill player_name reason

Kicking players

  • /kick player_name reason

Temp-Banning players

  • Remember, when banning players they may be able to rejoin the server just long enough to read the ban message. No worries, they will automatically be kicked after a short period.
  • /tban length player_name reason


  • 15 minutes = 15m
  • 3 hours = 3h
  • 1 day = 1d
  • 2 weeks = 2w

Perma-Banning players

  • Remember, when banning players they may be able to rejoin the server just long enough to read the ban message. No worries, they will automatically be kicked after a short period.
  • /ban player_name reason

Unbanning players

  • /unban player_name reason

Moving players

  • /move player_name
    • Moves the player on their next death
  • /join player_name
    • The in-game command used for joining player’s squads.
  • /pull player_name
    • Pulls a player to your current squad, killing them in the process.

Dequeue Player Action

  • /deq player_name
    • Canceles all queued actions on the target player. Moves, kills, etc.

Information Commands

Request Uptime

  • /uptime
    • The in-game command used to get the uptime of the server, procon/layer, AdKats, and several other things.

Request Online Admins

  • /admins
    • The in-game command used to get the list of current online admins.

Mark Players

  • /mark player_name
    • Marks a player for admin notification if they leave the server.

Fetch Player Info

  • /pinfo player_name
  • Fetches extended information about the player. Player name, ID, role, team name, team posision, current score, time first seen, amount of time spent on current server, city location, IP change count, reports from/against during current round, infraction points, last punishment time/reason, reputation, and previous names.

Fetch Admin Status

  • /isadmin player_name
  • Fetches the admin status and current role of the player.

Request Server Commands

  • /help
  • Shows all available commands

Find Player

  • /find player_name
  • Returns the team, position, and score, of the targeted player.

Admin Private Message

  • /a msg
  • “Admin chat”


  • /pwhitelist time player_name (Ping whitelist)
  • time = 1h, 1d, 1w, perm
  • All other whitelists are managed by the clan administration.

Link Player to Discord Member

  • /discordlink player_name discord_name
    • This command links a player with an active Discord member by ID. Sometimes this is required if their name in game vs discord does not match.

Crtitical Commands (Think before using them)

End current round

  • /endround winning_team
  • Teams = CN, RU, US


  • /nuke
  • /nuke team
  • Nukes the server or a given team
  • Teams = CN, RU, US
  • /wnuke
    • The in-game command used for killing all players on the winning team when they also have more map control.
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