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The following policy applies if an admin wants to ban a player for cheating:

  • This means that the player is able to bypass our automatic protections:
    • FairFight
    • PunkBuster
    • PBScreens
    • AdKats
    • CheatDetector
  • and is not banned by the following services:
    • GGC
    • PBBans
    • BF4DB
    • Battlefield Agency


  1. Admins should have valid proof for each banned player.
  2. If a banned player appeals a ban, and we have no proof, we will have to unban the player.
  3. Admins should also report cheaters at
Our admin Dany wrote an anti cheat guide which helps you with identifying cheaters.

Spectator mode

  1. Cheats inform the player about spectators watching them. Therefore, cheaters usually will turn off their cheats immediately.
  2. Proof that spectator mode in BF4 is broken:


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