Dear Community,

thank you for your feedback. Feedback is essential for our servers.

Server Configuration


53.2%: 1200 tickets, 25.5% 1400 tickets, 10.6% 1000 tickets and 800 tickets

Tickets: 1200

Vehicle Spawn Delay

30s has won with 42.6% of the votes

Vehicle Spawn Delay: 30s

Sniper Limit

76.6% have voted for a sniper limit

We will not deactivate the sniper limit.

Sniper Slots

8 sniper slots per team has won

8 sniper slots per team. We will probably lower the limit.

Feedback about the balancer

  • Always breaks up squads , why can’t one side just loose no need for balance.
    • Balance is needed. Otherwise, one team will get baseraped.
  • I thought it was great when I used to play on this server a lot (my ping got worse after switching apartments and now I get kicked from the server so I haven’t played on it recently)
    • We whitelist people if needed… Ask us…
  • Bad if you play with friends
    • The balancer keeps friends together if they use the same clan tag.
  • When it’s active, it works well.
  • Very good.
  • It is fine.
  • Always move kazak to the losing team.
  • Either ban kazak, or make it impossible for him to join winning team.
  • Great
  • Please make it less aggressive and allow friends to switch more easily. it is quite annoying some times if you play together with mates 🙁
    • Use the same clan tag.


40.5%: 1200 and 1000 tickets, 11.9%: 800 tickets, 7.1%: 1400 tickets

Tickets: 1000. We prefer shorter rounds.

Vehicle Spawn Delay

60s has won with 45.2% of the votes

Vehicle Spawn Delay: 60s

Sniper Limit

69.8% have voted for a sniper limit

We will not deactivate the sniper limit.

Sniper Slots

8 sniper slots per team has won

8 sniper slots per team. We will probably lower the limit.

Feedback about the balancer

  • Seems like last weeks/month the autobalancer has improved or changed, balance is better.
  • Always breaks up squads , why balance just let one side loose.
    • Balance is needed. Otherwise, one team will get baseraped.
  • Great
  • ok
  • It´s ok.
  • I think balancer here is aight.
  • Ansonsten gut.
  • I have issue with the !assist command, as in, its great.. but a lot of people seem to use it to hop back to the other team the moment they can, even if the current one is just barely getting out of dodge. And then there’s times when the other team is overwhelmingly winning, but the switch doesn’t happen cause the current winning team still has less players.
    • Your statement is true. Several players abuse the assist command. We should disable the assist command.
    • The balancer makes the weaker team stronger. However, this sometimes goes wrong…
    • Solution: check settings
  • It’s ok, but it should be faster at the beginning of each round.
    • Solution: check settings


56.3% have voted for 150% tickets

Tickets: 150%

Vehicle Spawn Delay

70.4% have voted for a 60s delay

Vehicle Spawn Delay: 60s

Sniper Limit

82.1% have voted for a sniper limit

We will not deactivate the sniper limit.

Sniper Slots

4 or 5 sniper slots per team

We will lower the sniper limit to 4 or 5 slots.

Feedback about the balancer

  • 2 slots for dmr and 6 for sniper
    • We have a sniper/dmr limit on our servers. We will probably implement a separate limit for dmr in the future.
  • Current balance system is good. Sometimes it can be hard to play with friends.
    • Use the same clan tag.
  • Great
  • OK
  • It is ok.
  • Keep the sniper limit as low as possible please.
    • We will lower it.

Map Rotation

Vanilla Maps

vanilla vote results

Free DLCs

Free DLCs vote results

China Rising

China Rising vote results

Second Assault

Second Assault vote results

Naval Strike

Naval Strike vote results

Dragon's Teeth

Dragon's Teeth vote results

Final Stand

Final Stand vote results

We will try to add DLC maps to the rotation. However, this highly depends on the server population.

Server Rules

Redzone Sniping

People are against a farm limit.

We will probably ban redzone sniping. However, we still have to analyze the situation on our servers.

Farm Limit

Farming will not be limited!

We will not implement a farm limit.

Our servers have a ping limit of 125ms. However, we raise the ping limit to 140ms after 11pm (CET/CEST) and to 150ms after midnight. 15.2% have voted for 90ms. However, this would remove all US players from the servers. We will not change our limits, because three of the four most popular options are >= 120ms.

What is ok? What should we change?

  • I love the rules and used to play on the Hainan 24/7 server all the time (probably still my most played server), but I switched apartments and now my ping gets too high to play on it consistently. 🙁
    • We offer ping whitelists. Just ask us on our discord.
  • Rule #12 isn´t nice
    • Do not steal vehicles while players repair their vehicles.
    • It is unfair if someone steals a tank while the driver is repairing it.
  • Only English in chat ( general one ) whatever about team or squad
    • We will not limit the use of different languages. However, the main language should be English.
  • Great job with the server guys, but one thing that bothers me a lot is your sniper limit.. Snipers are like **** and unlike other servers with a limit of 4 u guys got a limit of 8 which allows the **** to spread double as much.. I’d love to see a sniper limit of 1 or max 2, but I don’t think that this will happen, anyways I would really appreciate it, if u set the limit to 4. Perhaps lower. pls. <3
    • 4 is too low for 64 slots servers. We might lower it to 5 or 6.
  • Destroying a vehicle while it is repairing is not allowed.
    • We will not implement this rule. This would be unfair ….
  • There is nothing I would like to see changed.
  • Me and 6 other friends don’t play on your server anymore as same people camping in vehicles etc gets boring.
    • Do not play on Conquest Large servers if you do not like vehicles… Everyone is able to spawn in a vehicle. However, we plan to ban certain players that destroy the play experience / cause trouble.
  • Helicopters should not be allowed to be in the red zone all the time. I don’t mean the base red zone, but the northern one. People hide there, then attack, use ECM and fly back there to hide.
    • Yes, this is a problem on Hainan. We will think about this.
  • No more farming from Kazak and SirYorik.
  • Everything is good. Keep up the good work.
  • Allow everyone except vehicles to shoot from red zone. And that includes mortars and UCAVs – these can be easily countered.
    • We will think about this.
  • Prohibit teamkilling with commander supply drops.
    • We will think about this.
  • C4 cars should be forbidden, when i jump in a game i expect to play an team based fps not insurgency nor wreckfest.
    • C4 cars are part of the game and an easy possibility to kill vehicle farmers. We will not ban C4 cars.
  • Rules are alright, although it feels a bit off for snipers not getting the same treatment as ucav/mortar base camping. I get that you can get more cover with the other two but eh.. In the end, I’d either allow all of it or none, cause you can still go and murder the people doing it if you really need to.
    • We will probably ban red zone sniping.
  • PLEASE PLEAAAAAAAAASE no K/D limit, it is incredibly annoying to find a server if one has a higher than average K/D.
    • We will not implement a K/D limit.
  • Stricter rules on players who steal vehicles of their teammates while the driver exits to repair and then finds out that their level 20 sniper stole their tank/helicopter/etc.
    • This is already forbidden.
  • Please ban C4 cars for the winning team. This is so bad.
    • We will think about this.
  • No vehicle red zone camping (helis for example).
    • This is already forbidden.


Strong players

  • I’ve never had a problem with strong players (as long as they aren’t all teamstacked and lead to baserape).
  • Maybe make it so they must switch teams (or maybe switch vehicles/classes) after a certain killstreak limit. Maybe 60 killstreak is the cap.
    • We will think about this.
  • Please get rid of Kazak, he is so annoying. Seriously, no one likes him and he always ruins the game. As for other farmers, I can’t even remember any of their names so I don’t really care. I guess Kazak is not a normal player, or pro.
  • There are some players that when they are playing hold the tank or lav the whole map, so nobody else has a chance to use them. I suggest something i’ve seen before. as soon as someone hits a certain kill streak (say 25) he dies. (not adding a death to its k/d tho) this way they are a bit “turned down” and other players have more chance to get a tank/lav/chopper.
    • We will think about this.
  • It is unfair to ban good players,  but i’m ok with them as long as they play fair.
  • Stop people from using vehicles every round ? It gets boring if people get 50.0 KD every round.
  • Introduce a farm limit and it will take care of these players.
  • Farm kill limits are a nice idea in theory to keep things balanced, but the truth is that vehicles often don’t win or lose a game for a team, they only help. A good infantry team vs a good vehicle team is usually going to split 50-50 wins and losses based on the map and the round. It can be annoying getting killed by vehicles, and sometimes they do lock a team down, but more often than not good vehicle teams that live a long time with a lot of kills are not farming infantry but just doing their best to stay alive from the vast majority of infantry teams hunting them down. Good players playing well in any way, shouldn’t be banned unless they’re breaking the server’s rules like baserape, spawncamping, etc.
  • As a quite strong player myself, I don’t think they are a problem. A small amount of team effort can bring all of the strong players down. A better reward for killing them could help. E.g.: longer VIP slot.
  • Farm limit
  • Ban kazak. He doesn’t play the objective + always has been toxic only.
  • Personally as an experienced tank and lav player that gets a lot of kills on this server, i don’t think the right choice is to ban those players. There should be a solution like a feature that balances over the good players when a situation of allcap or most flags are capped happen. In that way, the other team can get good players over to the other team. In that way that they get a fighting chance and have a more balanced experience.
  • I think kazak should be sent to the losing side every single time, it would make the game much more balanced.
  • No ban. I am ok with them. Respect to great players.
  • Good players should be allowed to play good. Kazak is an **** though. He only goes to kill poor infantry people and noobs. He only plays if he gets to do that, otherwise he quits or switches teams. Then he’s all proud and mocks all of the people he has enraged. Maybe block him from switching teams and !assisting and let the balancer take care of him?
  • Ban kazak. If not possible, always send him to losing team, to keep the game more balanced and fun.
  • Do not ban farmers.
  • Yes, ban.
  • There has not yet been a farmer that I would not be ok with, but kazak he does everything just to survive, he changes team to win, uses broken weapons, gadgets. I think he should be forced to stay in loosing team.
  • Do not ban farmers. Increase vehicle spawn limit. Maybe disable jets – every other vehicle can be countered easily enough. Jets are OP plus people use them for ramming all the time. Perhaps limit the kills with vehicles per round.
  • Farm limit
  • No, do not ban farmers. Everyone starts off bad and anyone can get to a point of greatness with stuff. Much like we shouldn’t scrutinize noobs, we shouldn’t do it with pros either. However, is it possible to enforce more balancing on them? Maybe that would work, so if there’s say 3-4 people that have high scores like that, the balancer actually focuses on moving them more since they have the biggest impact? I know that’s not the greatest thing for them either, but its way better than prohibiting pro play.
  • Do NOT ban them. it is kind of “not their fault” to play good and its hard to find a community willing to accept those players. Even so getting farmed really sucks, but it is a part of the game.
  • As long as they follow the rules I don’t see a problem. I’d just throw an eye at then when they constantly base rape.
  • It is okay if people have big killstreaks and play good. But Kazak is not that. He has been accused of cheating numerous times. I mean just because he doesn’t fly over the map it doesn’t mean he is clean. He is always mean to people, he only farms noob players at C for instance and if he gets a challenge, he just rage quits and goes to another place where he can farm people. He never plays for his team, always for his K/D. I think you should ban him. He only makes other people mad. There is nothing he adds to the server in my opinion. He is like a **** that never leaves. There is no farmer like him, no one is this annoying and he always comes back to ruin your match.
  • I mean this is a problem only for some people, not all the community… Farmers are not cheating they are just good as you can find on all the games… Only cheaters and glitchers should be banned …
  • No, you shouldn’t ban people for being good.

#1 Hainan

  • Best server 🙂
  • #1 has become very toxic and people whine there all the time. Toxic players should be taken care off harsher (e.g. ****). Make it more infantry heavy instead of world of tanks / jets.
  • M142 / AA camping in red zone should be enforced harder.
  • I think kazak should be sent to the losing side every single time, it would make the game much more balanced.
  • Fav server
  • Ban kazak
  • Shooting TV missiles and jdams into the enemy base as well as placing mines right in front of it should be a reason to get kicked.
    • We will think about this. Baseraping is already forbidden.
  • Leave it to admins discretion to insist farmers to change vehicles and don’t let strong players switch to the winning team

#2 All Maps

  • Keep all maps in vote rotation, sniper limit is good. Remove 3D spotting to make silencers a viable gameplay.
    • We will think about disabling 3D spotting.
  • Great server to play on.
  • Everything is fine.
  • The biggest problem is the vote map / some of the maps are really shit like hangar 21 or the china rising ones.
  • Totally ok with vehicle players. No punishment.

#3 Rush

  • #3 is the only one I play for now you can’t ban good players. However, the issue is that good players empty server. Just kick them before everyone is gone.
  • Nice that it is back.
  • Also a great server to play on.
  • Mortar/sniper/ucav/etc limit would be nice.

Server Management

  • Got wrongfully banned once a long time ago and was immediately unbanned. You all do a great job 🙂
  • I’ve never seen an admin on the server, if u need one id be glad to do it here’s my BL: AHappyyAlpaca
    • We will message you soon.
  • Admins farm too much as well.
    • Well… Kind of true.
  • Very good admins on the all maps server.
  • They do a great job.
  • No problems so far. Everything good.
  • So far so good 😀
  • Thank you for running and maintaining these servers! I am thankful for your time and resources.
    • BF4 will not die! 🙂
  • It is ok.
  • Good admins.
  • Beautiful.
  • Best user friendly!!!

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