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How we want you as an admin on our servers to act on other offenses

Toxicity and bad language

Minor toxicity should be ignored. However, if a player voices complaints you should mute the offender using the /mute command.

We have an automated language enforcer that punishes players for using bad language. However, sometimes people misspell words on purpose to avoid detection by the language enforcer. Like n1gg3r for example. In this case, /punish the player accordingly and let us know what he wrote, so we can add it to the automated language enforcer.

Also, dealing with racism and the standard level of toxicity found in a game like BF4 requires differentiated handling. Like stated above, minor toxicity should only be punished by muting the offender. Though, a warning prior to the mute is appreciated. However, when dealing people using racist slurs, you should primarily let the language enforcer do the work. Only when a racist is intentionally circumventing the language enforcer, you are to /punish him. That said, we only ban for racism.

It is important to know, letting the language enforcer do the work is better because it ensures his infraction score increases correctly, causing him to eventually get permanently banned. If you temp. ban someone, it could cause his infraction score to drop back 0 depending on the duration of the ban. 

Emblems containing nazi symbols

When coming across a player using an emblem resembling any of the nazi symbols, like a Swastika for example, he is to be banned.

Glitch or bug abuse

Did you catch a player abusing any type of glitch or bug, like the Elevator Glitch on Hainan, punish him by kicking or killing him depending on the severity.
Is the player a repeat offender you may use the /tban command on him.


When a player is seen base-raping, warn him via chat and by using the /warn command. If he fails to comply, kill him by using the /kill command.
You can kill him straight away with no warnings prior if, for example, he is flying around the enemy base with the Scout Heli and killing players or standing infront of their spawn with a tank.


When a player is seen base-camping, tell him to move out of his base via chat and the /warn command. If he fails to comply, kill him.
If he decides continue despite all previous measures, kick him using /kick command.

Griefing and sabotaging

If a player is griefing his team(mates) by, for example, placing explosives on any of the teams vehicles, kick him from the server.
If he is seen doing it again, temp ban him depending on the severity of his actions.

Other cases of sabotaging/griefing; Stealing vehicles from repairing teammates, blocking vehicle/aircraft spawns and ramming. It may not be limited to those we just named.

Ramming with aircrafts

In the event of a player ramming another player purposely, kick him. A temporary ban should follow if he is a known perpetrator.
However, it can happen on accident in some cases, so be mindful and observant.
Is the player visibly unfamiliar with flying jets and accidentally flies into another vehicle/aircraft, you should alert them by chat and the /warn command, telling them to fly more carefully and cautiously otherwise they’ll be kicked from the server.


Are two players seen doing airpeace (ignoring each other when flying in helis/jets), /warn them first. If they decide to continue, /kick them from the server.

Stealing the enemy team's helicopter

Is a player seen stealing the enemy team’s helicopter out of the enemy team’s base, he is to be killed immediately and kicked on his second attempt.

Threats to server security

A player is to be permanently banned if he voices threats against the server such as DDoS Attacks.

Excessive flying in the redzones with helicopters

Observing a player to be flying around the redzones, meant for him to take cover from all the enemy attacks and to repair himself, without moving back to the actual battlefield for so long that it becomes disruptive for everyone else, you are to warn him via chat and the /warn command to move back and return to the actual battlefield. Does he fail to comply, /kill him. If he continues afterwards, /kick him.


We also want to point out that common sense should always be applied whenever dealing with people breaking the rules.
Always try to talk to the players you are dealing with before making a decision. It can help more than directly kicking or killing someone.
In the case of uncertainty in the handling of not specified situations, don’t wait and hesitate to talk to us. We are here to help each other, of course.

You may also make use of the /punish command.

It can happen that you might be missing crucial evidence required to make a justified decision. You might have to give the accused person the benefit of the doubt. That’s also why video evidence is the best type of evidence.

Does your admin level not grant you access to commands like /tban, you’ll find success in contacting another admin with a higher admin level.

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