Policy for other offenses.

  • Servers:
  • 1.e4gl.com
  • 2.e4gl.com
  • Discord: discord.e4gl.com
  • TS3: ts.e4gl.com

Policy for admins are supposed to act on other offenses besides cheating.

  1. Minor toxicity should be ignored. However, if a player voices complaints you should mute the offender using the /mute command. Note; Sometimes people misspell words on purpose to avoid detection by the language enforcer. Like n1gg3r for example. In this case, punish the player accordingly and let us know what he wrote so we can add it to the language enforcer.
  2. If a player wishes himself or a friend to be moved so that they can play together, tell them that either one should use the !assist command.
  3. If a player is using an emblem resembling any of the nazi symbols, like a Swastika for example, he is to be banned.
  4. If a player is using the elevator glitch on hainan, /tban him accordingly. In case you don’t know about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlINNKExeuw
  5. If a player is seen base-raping, either kill him or warn him via chat and by using the /warn command before killing him. You can kill him right away with no warnings if for example he is flying around the enemy base with the Scout Heli.
  6. If a player is seen base-camping, tell him to move out of the redzone via chat and the /warn command. If he fails to comply, kill him.
  7. If a player is sabotaging his team(mates) by, for example, placing Explosives on any of the teams vehicles, kick him from the server. If he is seen doing it again, temp ban him depending on the severity of his sabotaging. Things that also count as sabotaging; Stealing vehicles from repairing teammates, blocking vehicles.
  8. If a player is ramming another player purposely, kick him. It can happen on accident in some cases, so be careful. However, if a player who isn’t familiar with flying jets and somehow accidentally flies into another vehicle/aircraft, you should warn them telling them to fly more carefully otherwise they’ll be removed from the server.
  9. If two players are seen doing airpeace (ignoring each other when flying in helis/jets), warn them first. If they decide to continue, kick them from the server
  10. If a player is seen stealing the enemy helicopter out of the enemy teams base, he is to be kicked immediately.