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In respect to german and austrian laws as well as EAs ToS and our own rules, we will ban people from our servers that are using forbidden and racist emblems, avatars, names or tags.

The Swastika: The most known nazi insignia. Forbidden in all forms. No matter if it faces the other direction or looks artistic, say by making the lines all squiggly.

The Siegrune: Also known as the SS Bolts. The double lightning bolt emblem of the SS Schutzstaffel is another insignia found rather quite often. The version with a single Lightning Bolt is forbidden as well.

The Sturmabteilung: The emblem consisting of the Sieg- and Mannazrune. 

“Nationale Sammlung”: Forbidden since 09.02.1989. Recreations of the emblem with or without the name will lead to a ban.

The Skull of the SS: Avatars representing it or emblems with obvious reference to it and other illegal organisations will lead to a ban.

“Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”: “Free German Worker’s Party”
Same with the SS Skull. No obvious references to anything related.
“Nationale Liste”: “National List”
Forbidden since 15.07.1995. The emblem features a tilted NL with the foot of the L having an arrow pointing to the right. Recreations and references are forbidden.
“Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend”: Basically meaning “Patriotic German Youth”. Forbidden sincee the 31.03.2009. Looks like a normal campfire, therefore obvious recreations as well as references to said organisation are illegal and forbidden. You’ve been warned.
“Besseres Hannover”: Meaning “Better Hanover”.
Forbidden in germany since the 25.09.2012 if the connection to right-wing extremism is given.
“Keltenkreuz”: The celtic cross is only forbidden if a direct link to right-wing extremism is identified.
“Hammerskins”: While not explicitly forbidden in germany, we will ban people for using their emblem. Racism has no place within our community.
“White/Black Power”: We decided to ban people from using emblems or avatars depicting either slogan. They both assume some kind of superiority over other races.
“14/88”: Numbers referring to the nazi regime. We will check if other links to right extremism is given first, if only one of two numbers are displayed.
“Black Sun”: Another more known symbol used by the Nazi party, straight up forbidden.
“Triskele”: Much like the celtic cross, the triskele will only lead to a ban if a direct link to right-wing extremism is shown.
“Aktionsfront Nationaler Sozialisten/Nationale Aktivisten”: Meaning Action Front of National Socialists/National Activists. It is forbidden to be displaying this emblem by german law 07.12.1983.
“Nationalistische Front”: Using the exact same emblem of the Nationalist Front is subject to a ban. Otherwise we will as always check for other connections to right-wing extremism. 
“Deutsche Alternative:” The emblem of the German Alternative is another emblem forbidden by german lawmakers and will therefore lead to a ban on our  servers.
“Nationaler Block:” While the emblem only consists of the letters NB with both letters merged, it can get you in trouble and shouldn’t be used. We will check for other links to right-wing extremism before issuing a ban.
This list has been created to help clarify what emblems, tags, names and avatars can lead to a ban. However, it is not limited to the ones listed here. 

Source: https://www.verfassungsschutz.de/DE/themen/rechtsextremismus/verbotsmassnahmen/verbotsmassnahmen_node.html

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